Hand Made Events produces PopUp Dinner Parties all over the country!
In 2011 we were inspired by a concept that was taking the world by storm; the popup dinner party.  We are a family living right outside San Francisco, California and professionally we have all been involved in food and dining for many years. We wanted to use the PopUp concept to bring a night of magic to our city and community; an elegant dinner party that each guest has a hand in creating. This night would include a group of as many people as we could gather to one of San Francisco’s most beautiful locations. The location would be a secret, the dress code would be all white and elegant, the food would be inspired by our San Francisco cuisine, the wine would be plenty, the table decor would be incredible and the dancing would be under the stars.  By 11pm on October 14th 2011 the crowd of over 3,500 people that joined us had disappeared leaving the space in perfect condition in gratitude to our beautiful city, as if the magical soiree never happened at all. A white blizzard like dream that will be remembered by those that were lucky enough to attend as one of the most incredible nights we had ever experienced in San Francisco.
family business; Garrett Sathre and Nicole Benjamin partners at Hand Made Events and in life, are continually inspired and thrilled to bring together people to celebrate the simple things that connect us all; wonderful food, great wine, and dining with those we love.
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  1. Please bring this event to Cleveland! We have gorgeous summer weather, beautiful parks, gardens and lakefront, along with lots of people that enjoy eating outstanding/local food!

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