L.A. – That’s a wrap!


January 25, 2014

500 guests

Secret Location Revealed!

Mack Sennett Studios

1215 Bates Ave, Los Angeles CA 90029


Mack Sennett Studios

About Mack Sennett – (January 17, 1880 – November 5, 1960) was a Canadian-born American director and actor and was known as the innovator of slapstick comedy in film. During his lifetime he was known at times as the “King of Comedy”. His short “Wrestling Swordfish” was awarded the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film in 1932 and he earned an Academy Honorary Award in 1937.

About the Studio – The studio is almost 100 years old! Built as a silent movie studio in 1916 by legendary producer Mack Sennett, this Los Angeles landmark has played host to countless productions for film, television, advertising, music, fashion and art industries, as well as large-scale events. Over the past 100 years iconic clients such as Bing Crosby, Universal Pictures and Miramax have used the studio. More recently… In 1995 Michael Jackson’s “You Are Not Alone” video with Lisa Marie was filmed in Sound Stage One (do you recognize that Egyptian mural?) as was Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video just last year!



Guests arriving with their amazing table decor!


Tables being set and drinks poured


One of our guests gorgeous table settings!



Our very own Frank Sinatra


Inside Mack Sennett Studios



Guests came in masks of all shapes and sizes… even animals!


DJ Johnny Hawkes rocking another PopUp Evening of Masquerade!




The Hand Made Events Team!

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